Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Utopia Productions at Vio.me, Thessaloniki

(Mariette Schiltz with the flag designed by Angelo Castucci. Foto: Edith Poirier)

With Isola Art Center and RiMaflow, I attended the 2nd Euromed “Workers ‘Economy’ Meeting from October 28 to 30th, at the recovered factory Viome in Thessaloniki, Greece. This meeting is conceived as part of wider social processes aimed at social change on the basis of equality, solidarity, freedom and self-management. 

Utopia Productions is an artistic event dedicated to the struggle of occupied and self-managed factories, which we consider like seeds of utopia in contemporary capitalist society, and as examples of indispensable concrete utopias.

(Here I am giving a short introduction to the videos we screened at the event Foto: Edith Poirier).

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