Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A pledge for Isola: Fight Specific publication

So one of the projects I've been following here in Milan and that has inspired my own research is the projects of Isola Art centre. They have tracking and resisting and fighting the neighbourhoods gentrification which has drastically changed the characteristic of Isola from an old industrial and mixed area to a skyscraper wasteland where any guy with a power trip seems to want a skyscraper erected.  So, Isola is publishing a book, called "Fight - specific Isola.
Art, Architecture, Activism and the Future of the City."  In order to get the book distributed and available at a low cost, they are making use of crowd funding to support the project. Make a pledge and if it reaches its goal of $5,500 dollars, transaction is approved. In return for your pledge, you will receive something back. The quilts from my Isola: Progress and development picnic; are also up for grab.These quilts are hand made and reflects the building skyline of Isola. So go to Kickstarter and make pledge..

Monday, January 7, 2013

My work for Isola Art Centre on Kickstarter.

In order to raise funds for their new  publication Isola Art Centre  has launched a Kickstarter. My work Progress and Development is one of the works that you can receive for making a pledge.