Monday, February 6, 2012

Friends: Carlo Spiga

On Friday 4 February  I took a walk with Carlo Spiga while he was doing his performance Biaxi which was part of the Holiday Island exhibition  held in Berlin. The performance consisted of him walking through the streets of Berlin dressed like a ceremonial bull of  Sardinia, pulling a little cart with a speaker that plays traditional Sardinian music. Every now and then it is interrupted by making an announcement in German about the exhibition.  Biaxi is an old Sardinian word that basically means "to travel with baggage/ with a load". What I loved was how this action of just walking with the music through the city became naturally inter-weaved with the noise and hustle of the city and its people.   Read more about Carlo's work on his blog. Watch a little clip of the performance below.  The video was taken by Danielle Murtas and edited by Carlo. 

Biaxi 04/02/2012 - Berlin