Sunday, July 3, 2011

Allestimento - Star Museum

Once upon a star by me, Edith Poirier, Wei-Ning Yang and Carlo Spiga.

As part of our exam we had to for groups to create a display with the theme stars. We decided to make the project  part of an ongoing exploration of the neighbourhood of Affori, a historical farmer’s village which now forms part of the city of Milan.

Within the neighbourhood we wanted to make a series of activities with the involvement of artists, reactivating buildings with flags designed by artists and other projects. The navigation would be aided with maps which will be distributed at points such as the Villa Litta (Library).
The display for the exhibition is focused on the history of Cooperativa di Stella (Cooperative of the stars). The display is placed within the elevator of the building which creates a sense of travelling up in space, or through history.