Sunday, September 30, 2012

Friends: Edith Poirier

I can't believe I haven't done a post on Edith sooner. Edith Poirier is one of my best friends here, I met her at my first day at NABA, and we have been friends ever since. Edith is a painter in heart and soul and the amount of hours that she spends painting in her studio  is unbelievable. Borrowing from the cities she travels to (she always carries a sketch book with her), street art ,publicity images, the burlesque and the circus, she creates painted collages of the city as spectacle. 

Some works also plays around with the concepts of the art history, the way we view art within the art system.

The above mural was painted in the neigbhourhood Isola outside the Garibaldi station  in Milan for the event "In su i Praa" with Isola art centre in May 2012. Her works really works well within urban spaces, and I hope that she can do more street art soon. 

Edith will be participating in the Isola art centre show "Fight-specific Isola" which will be happening all over Milan. Some of Edith's work will be on view at the Isola Libri bookshop, via Pollaiuolo 5, Milan. Read more about Edith on her website or she also has a group on Facebook.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

History in the making - Something I forgot to post months ago

History in the making was a workshop we did with the Austrian artist Peter Friedl. Not aimed at being an exhibition but more a play with images and the histories we invent or associate with them. You can read an article he wrote on the topic of history with the same title on E-flux.
My poster for History in the making. I wanted to make something that draws on my personal history but then also within a European context is something exotic, so I created a poster that is a little bit like decorative  tourist postcard or print with a recipe on it.

 Wei-Ning Yang