Saturday, November 9, 2013

Isola Art Center went to Ljubljana

With Isola Art Center I went to Ljubljana, a beautiful city in Slovenia, to participate in the exhibition 1:1 curated by Zdenka Badovinac at the Museum of Contemporary art (MSUM). We spent a week installing and preparing the space to for our Lab Fight-specific Isola.  In exhibition was also the prototype of the book I am working on. Some images from the installation and exhibition and workshop we did. There are more photos on Isola Art Center Facebook page and site.

In Ljubljana, from the roof of the museum.
Figuring out the installation and placement
 Me and Edith printing during the exhibition opening.
 Working on little portraits of the Lab Fight-Specific Isola crew member.
 Our space from one angle.
 Us working on the mural, citing an old mural in Isola, Milan from the 1970's. 
 We flew the cloud of Nicola Uzunovski
 The prototype of my book in progress.
 The stencils of me, Bert Theis and Edith Poirier along with the work of Tania Bruguera "Revolution is on hold"
 During the opening.
The crew in Milan before departure.

And to finish, a fun video made by Camilla Topuntoli of the week.
LAB FIGHT SPECIFIC ISOLA 4ACT from Camilla Topuntoli on Vimeo.

Moments and things.

I try to do a weekly drawing/ moment which I post on Instagram and Facebook.
The sea spew out everything. 

There are moments when it is hard to focus on work and one needs to be pulled back to earth.

Chocolate slogan cake

Inspiration: detail of Mountains by Matteo Rubbi