Monday, October 29, 2012

An update and some reads.

Mainly I am just reading and searching and reading and searching and reading for my thesis at the moment which feels like a disaster and like I never know enough, but I am hoping that it is just the normal process of the thing, and that, that is in fact how you learn a lot. The problem is mainly that I end up getting lost and reading to wide or I get of topic. Focus!!!!

Then on other news, my three quilts "Progress and development" from Isola project is on auction at Galleria Bianconi, (also along some of my friends such as Edith Poirier and Cherimus) to raise funding for the book of Isola Art Centre.

Then some reading:

Some great books I got (some on ebook, some actual ones - but considering that I will have to move these back to SA soon, I am trying to supress my need for actuall paper pages):
Art and the end of Apartheid by John Peffer (reading it right now, very easy to read, not stiff and elitist academic - I think a must  for anyone interested in South African art history).
Documenta 13/ The Book of Books (damn expensive but was lucky to get a discount). So far I've only looked at the pictures, read the introduction and  the one On the  Destruction of art, and then had to remind myself that in fact  I should focus on reading for my thesis.

Also if you are interested in urban theory and cities from a non Western perspective please go check out the  African Cities Reader which is an online journal with contributions covering a wider range of topics covering African cities and its diversity. 

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