Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Internet tools and Arte Povera

Things such as Pinterest has a way of completely absorbing your time. One can spent hours getting lost in this form of visual consumption (something one must at least be critical of). Nevertheless it can be an incredibly helpful tool for students and artists to organise visual research. I prepared this Arte Povera  board while studying for an exam about it, which in the end helped me so much in being able to summarise some important works by some of the most important artists of the movement. Having images in my head as reference helped a lot  to recall the information. And the best thing was that I could just peek at this before I went to do the exam which was a quick and efficient way to refresh my memory.

By the way how wonderful is Arte Povera? Af first I was annoyed by the fact that we had an entire module just based on Arte Povera, but after this exam, I am so blown away by it. There is something timeless in these works. I especially love the work of Giovanni Anselmo. Such poetry in the way he used opposite materials together, played with gravity and tension, always keeping one in suspense of something that is about to happen. He is going on to my favourite artist list. 

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Love LOVE arte povera!

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