Friday, April 27, 2012

IN SU I PRÀA - Press Release.

IN SU I PRÀA  is an event that brings works made by the young artists of the collective Room 47 in the public space of the city, the neighbourhood Isola in Milan. These works will be set up and exhibited only for one day, Sunday 6 May 2012, running along with the annual neighbourhood festival organised by the association Isola Pepe Verde.

IN SU I PRÀA is an invite to the inhabitants of Isola and to everyone who wishes to participate, to reclaim the public space from its current state of uselessness and anonymity.

Room 47 is a group of  participants in the world of arts that shares the experience of the masters in Visual Arts and Curatorial studies at N A B A  -  Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano.

IN SU I PRÀA /R47  with the contribution of Bert Theis
Event coordinators and press office:  Claudia Caldara, Martina Valla
Text  :  Curatorial Team
Graphics :  Federica Clerici

To view more information go to Room 47 or like our Facebook page. Click here to view the location on google maps.

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