Sunday, March 4, 2012

Exhibition review: Pipilotti Rist

Here is an exhibition review that I wrote a while back for our class in writing, I thought it would be good to post it here. I have to say that I loved the exhibition.

Image from Designboom

The exhibition Parasimpatica by Pipilotti Rist combines some of her old and new work incorporated into the space of the old Manzoni cinema. The viewer is immersed into a psychedelic world of bodies, fruits and liquids. 

In the entrance hall a chandelier of underpants hangs from the roof with a colourful video projected onto it.  As one enters overhead on the stairs, viewers can see a large projection with seductive music. In the foyer one video is shown behind the bar and another next to another staircase. This leads into the auditorium which shows three major video works.  Viewers who visit the restrooms are surprised by small video projections in the toilets.

The work seems to capture a kind of zeitgeist of the images that is an occurring theme in popular culture especially evident on blog platforms such as Tumblr etc; free-spirited nymph-like figures of women, sexuality, youth and nature. Despite of the familiarity of these images, the hallucinatory colours and slightly playful upbeat nature of the work, it still addresses some serious questions about the body, our physicality, and the portrayal of women in pop culture.

The show is seductive, visually stimulating and could risks being too indulgent, but she does succeed to pull one into the works and make you want to understand more. 

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